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How to Set Your Career Goals

Did you want to be a fireman or an airline stewardess? Does that still pique your interest? We don t have to give up on our childhood dreams just because we ve grown up. Consider pursuing that career as a fireman anyway if that s what you still want to do. Your school counselor can be a great resource when you are choosing a career path in high school. 

People responsible for the books of a company including payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and budgeting must have a knack for numbers as well as organization and patience. There s nothing more frustrating than trying to balance a company checkbook and coming up a few cents sort so be sure you have the temperament for the job as well. 

By going to these specific pages, you ll know that you are getting the best advice for your life situation and your career goals. Now, there are many other free online career counseling websites, so you ll want to check it out for yourself. Do a Google search for free online career counseling and you will find all sorts of places that are willing to give you career advice for free and help launch your new career. 

There are all types of assessment tests including the ACT and the SAT which colleges use as a way of judging admittance into college. But when you are making a career change or just want a new career, the assessment test we talk about is a little different. These types of assessment tests will ask you questions about certain job situations and you pick the one you are most interested in and the one you are least interested in. 

You will choose your most favorite of the three and your least favorite of the three leaving one of them blank. The results are then analyzed based on your answers and you are presented with a list of top career fields that would fit you. Along with the list of careers, they will usually give you a description of what the job entails and the education or special training needed to work in that field. 

They will give job descriptions along with the qualifications that you have to have to work in that specific field. These websites also can help you in choosing career by providing interest tests and surveys that can pick out certain career fields based on answers you give to certain questions. The way many of these tests work is that you will be given three choices of a specific task.